Abbadid Dynasty (Shortly)


ABBADID, a Müslim Arab dynasty that ruled southwest Spain for most of the llth century. It was the greatest of the minör Müslim dynasties (in Spanish called taifas) that inherited the domains of the Umayyad caliphate in Spain. From their capital, Seville, the Abbadids gradually absorbed the territories of their fellow taifas until, under Mutamid (reigned 1069-1091), they ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula south of the Guadiana River.

Expansion brought the Abbadids face to face with the growing power of Christian Spain. After the Spaniards under Alfonso VI of Castile and Leön captured Toledo in 1085, the taifas were forced to appeal for help from the Almoravid dynasty in Morocco. In 1086 the Almoravids crushed Alfonso at Sagrajas and later returned to conquer the Abbadids themselves. Abbadid rule ended with Mutamid’s exile in 1091.

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