André-Marie Ampère Quotes


In general, logic is divided into the examination of ideas, judgments, arguments and methods. The last two are generally reduced to judgments, that is, arguments are reduced to apodictic judgments that such and such conclusions are derived from such and such premises, and the method is reduced to judgments that prescribe the procedure to be followed in the search of the truth.

Either one of these [analysis or synthesis]can be direct or indirect. The direct procedure is when the starting point is known: direct synthesis in the elements of the geometry. By randomly combining simple truths with one another, more complicated truths are deduced from them. This is the method of discovery, the special method of inventions, contrary to popular opinion.
André-Marie Ampère Quotes
There is a synthesis when, by combining in it judgments that are known to us from simpler relationships, one deduces judgments from them regarding more complicated relationships. There are analyzes when, from a complicated truth, simpler truths are deduced.

My father … never asked me to study anything, but I knew how to inspire in me a great desire for knowledge. Before learning to read, my greatest pleasure was listening to passages of the natural history of Buffon. I constantly asked him to read me the story of animals and birds …
André-Marie Ampère Quotes
… it seems to me that one must make an effort to banish the artificial classifications of chemistry and begin to assign to each element the place it must occupy in the natural order when comparing it in succession with others …
André-Marie Ampère Quotes
The future science of government should be called ‘the cybernetique’ (1843). The French word is coined to mean ‘the art of governing’, from the Greek (Kybernetes = navigator or steersman), later adopted as cybernetics by Norbert Weiner for the field of control and communication theory.
André-Marie Ampère Quotes
Believe in God, in his providence, in a future life, in the reward of good; in the punishment of the wicked; in the sublimity and truth of the doctrines of Christ, in a revelation of this doctrine by a special divine inspiration for the salvation of the human race.

The appointment is the greatest compliment you can pay an author.

The future science of government should be called ‘the cybernetique’.


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