Andy Warhol Selected Works


Andy Warhol, American artist and film maker, a leader in the avant-garde pop art movement of the early 1960’s. Warhol was a pioneer in commercial silk-screen reproduction. Using photographs of his subjects, he had silk screens made from them in mass quantity in his studio, which he named “the factory.” Among the subjects he depicted, often in series or duplications with minor variations in color and tone, were soup cans, soap-pad boxes, and soft-drink bottles; public figures, including Marilyn Monroe; and news events, such as race riots.

Andy Warhol, who was born in Philadelphia, Pa., studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh before going to New York in the early 1950’s. At first a successful fashion illustrator, he began to show his then-controversial works in the late 1950’s and soon became a leader of the pop art school. Turning to film making in the 1960’s, he made a series of experimental pictures, including Eat, Haircut, and Sleep, the latter showing a man asleep for six hours. Empire focuses on one side of the Empire State Building for a period of eight hours. The Chelsea Girls uses a split-screen technique in which two or more scenes are shown at the same time on sections of the screen.

Andy Warhol Selected Works. Pop Arts works: Campbell’s Soup, Daisy Waterfall, Hammer and Sickle etc…

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Selected Works

Campbell's soup


Campbell's soup

Mickey Mouse

Andy Warhol Works





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