Corytholoma Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Corytholoma, Corytholoma repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

corytholomaCorytholoma (Rechsteineria cardinalis)

Light: lots of light; no sun
Temperature: 68° to 72° F – 20° to 22° C
Humidity: 50%
Soil: “African violet”
Watering: every second day
Spraying: daily

Like most members of its family, this plant needs a temperate climate. It needs good lighting but should always be protected from direct sun. It has lovely dark green foliage and bears red flowers from spring to the end of summer. After blooming, it must have a winter resting period.

During this period, fertilizing should be stopped and watering reduced to nothing. Then keep your plant, still in its pot, in a warm, dry place until the spring. At that time, dig up the tuber and clean off the old soil. Repot in fresh soil. Keep the plant warm and water it lightly. As soon as the young shoots appear, step up the watering and begin to fertilize. You may spray the foliage until the flowers appear, then stop.

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