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Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III, better known as Darwin, is the deuteragonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. He used to be Gumball’s pet goldfish, but one day his legs grew and, in general, he adapted to life outside the water, so he was adopted by the Watterson family.


Darwin is an orange-gold fish with arms and legs. Its colorful fish-shaped head occupies its entire body, with its fins and legs hanging down. He has kept his tail and fins of goldfish, the last of which he now uses as arms and hands. His legs are much longer than his body, ending with smooth feet that combine with the color and texture of the rest of his body. Usually, however, cover them with green and white shoes. It is also shown that Darwin has a bubbling butt on the back of his head, as revealed in the official preview. A common misconception in season 1 was that he also wore a black shirt, as well as pants, but, in reality, it was only a shadow projected by his large head. The inside of Darwin’s mouth is red, and his tongue is red-orange.

Apparently, Darwin has thick layers of fat, which makes him resistant to massive pain, as he is unharmed in “The Responsible,” after a painful face slap on a concrete sidewalk from high in the air. The depth of the grease is about the length of Gumball’s arm, as shown in “The DVD,” where Gumball had to sink his entire arm into Darwin’s head to reach his cheekbone. Darwin also believes that he has the perfect skin as shown in “The DVD.” Whenever Darwin’s feet are naked, they are often pixilated, as in “The Meddler.” However, sometimes they are not pixilated, as shown in “The Club”, when they are swimming, in “The Goons”, when they are fighting Richard’s fingers, and in “The Dream”, when they end up in the mall without have your shoes on. In “The Dream”, he says that he considers his feet worthy of a censor, because it is the only place where he wears clothes.

In season 2, Darwin receives a redesign. Its black shadow is more transparent, almost to the point where it is not noticeable. Also, his legs get a little fatter and he loses one eyelash in each eye (two in each eye instead of three). Like Gumball, his eyes are rounder. His voice also started to sound a little deeper, and every time he screams, his voice screeches, probably due to Kwesi Boakye, his voice actor, entering puberty.

In season 3, Darwin’s eyes remain round with the rest of his family.


Darwin is a very happy and positive person. Always try to see the best in most of the scenarios in which you are, and in general, always try to have a smile on his face. Not only do you want to be happy, but you also want to see others happy. His selfless acts of happiness can be seen in episodes such as “The Fan”, “The Advice” and “The Stories”. In all three episodes, he chooses to do the things he does to make a sad person in particular happier.

Darwin is also a very grateful person, as seen in “The Flower” and “The Night”; Both episodes show that Darwin does not want much and is only happy with his current life.

Darwin is also very optimistic; he expects the best in people, and has a romantic and somewhat naive view of the world. His idealistic and naive views can be seen in “The Wicked,” in which despite his brother’s views and the obvious malicious intent of Mrs. Robinson, he firmly believes that Mrs. Robinson is a good person at heart, and that there is a reason for her behavior.

Darwin has a strong sense of honesty; He also wants to tell the truth, no matter how much trouble it may cause. His strong sense of honesty can be seen in “The Shell” and “The Gift”, in which he can not fulfill Gumball’s simpler lies. His honesty can also be seen in “The Words”, in which his brutal honesty is a source of conflict for the episode.

Darwin is also morally based in general; usually, it is the one that prevents his brothers from doing something bad, and it takes to adopt “confusing” approaches. Darwin’s reluctance to do something wrong can be seen in “The DVD,” in which he tells Gumball not to pirate Caimans on a train, opting for a more honest and cleaner route. This feature of Darwin is what makes Gumball see him as a “moral guardian” as evidenced in “The Sidekick.”

Darwin is also very sensitive and empathetic. He is very affectionate with others, as seen in his interactions with his family, and specifically, Gumball, throughout the series. This love and affection can be a weakness of his, however, as a result, he is very possessive without his loved ones, and he feels very lonely when he is not close to them. This is evidenced in “The Bros” and “The Burden,” in which Penny’s new relationship with Gumball makes him jealous, and presumably for the first time in his life, as the events of “The Flower” suggest.

Despite the happiness and general positivity of Darwin, it is known that he gets angry sometimes when he exceeds it. Although it is a side that is not often seen, “The Banana” and “The Words” show what can happen when Darwin is angry. He can resort to senseless violence when given a reason to do so.

Anyone who watches Gumball and does not like Darwin?One of the most innocent characters is Darwin Watterson’s desktop paintings.

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