Dipladenia Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Dipladenias, Dipladenia repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

dipladeniaDipladenia (Dipladenia boliviensis, Dipladenia sanderi ‘Rosea’)

Light: lots of light; no sun
Temperature: 70° to 75° F – 21° to 24° C
Humidity: 40%
Soil: “potting” and black
Watering: every third day
Spraying: daily

A native of Brazil, this climbing plant with pink or white flowers is quite spectacular though, unfortunately, very sensitive. It needs a warm and moist atmosphere and a bright location. Make sure it is protected from direct sunlight. Since this plant needs a great deal of moisture you should spray it regularly with tepid water. Also place its pot inside a larger pot with good drainage.

Dipladenias will not flower in winter, so substantially reduce watering during that period. Continue fertilizing, but in slightly smaller amounts. For the resting period, the plant should also be put in a slightly cooler place.

Propagation is achieved with slips. The cuttings will root in a sandy mixture.

To prevent uncontrolled growth cut back your plant after it blooms. This is also the time for the annual repotting.

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