What Does Flea Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Flea Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of fleas can be a pretty repulsive and unpleasant dream for many people. It is a type of parasite more common in animals, but it can also harm people.

Dreaming of fleas can have many meanings, depending on the culture. We present here the most outstanding.

In general, dreaming of fleas is not a good omen, it can represent a disease or be a sign of disgust or anxiety.

For many cultures, the fact of dreaming of fleas is very associated with success and money. But it can vary from achieving a great triumph to foreshadowing a future ruin. That’s why dreams with creatures of this type must be analyzed based on many details, such as the size of the fleas, their actions or our reaction to them.

Dream of killing fleas
If in your dreams you are killing several fleas it may be an omen that luck will smile on you. Fleas metaphorically represent a barrier or problem, so when we kill them we are ending our bad luck.

Dream of being bitten by a flea
However, if in the dream the fleas attack you and sting you, it symbolizes an unpleasant news that we have just received or are afraid to receive. It can be very related to some disease. Also, the larger the size of the flea, the more unpleasant the news will be.

Dream of catching fleas
To dream that fleas run through your body is a sign of financial failure, of loss of time and money due to some bad action or waste. But if in the dream you are trying to catch or capture the fleas, it may mean that your effort will be rewarded with an unexpected sum of money, so you are interested in visiting the meaning of dreaming of a lot of money.

Dreaming of a place infected with fleas
If your bed full of fleas appears in the dream, this may mean that someone is trying to deceive you. If it is your house that appears infected with fleas, it may indicate that you are anxious or scared. It is also a sign of bad conscience.

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