What Does Fly Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Fly Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of flies flying symbolizes dirt, physical or emotional dirt, haste and fertility. Dreaming about flies can also reveal a feeling of guilt. Flies can also be a warning against the risk of contagion in a real situation.

Dreaming of a fly: a person in your life is bothering you. It is irritating and boring.

Dream about flies: you let yourself be overcome by daily worries. You are in a state of excitement. Do not confuse the action and agitation. Dream-with-flies

Dream about killing flies: you are looking at how to fix a painful situation.

Dreaming about flies can also mean: your relationships with those around you are marked by hostility.

Dream about catching a fly: you borrow in a forbidden way.

The dream of killing a fly: you will suffer discomfort.

The dream of being invaded by flies: you are immersed in sadness.

Dreaming of flies symbolizes physical and psychological mockery. It is a common dream among nervous people. The meanings of dreaming about flies can also warn us of possible slander, torture and tragedy.

If a fly stings you in your dream: beware of your enemies or those who can hurt you or take revenge on you.

If in your dream you kill the fly that tries to sting you: it indicates that it will overcome all those small traps.

Dreaming of very small flies: weak attacks and ridiculous enemies.

To dream that we crush a fly: it announces a victory over the envious.

See a big fly in your dream: it indicates that you are stuck in an impossible situation.

Dreaming of a green fly and watching it fly: it is the sign of a future injustice.

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