Friedrich Kluge Biography


Who is Friedrich Kluge? Information about German philologist Friedrich Kluge biography, life story.

Friedrich KlugeFriedrich Kluge, German philologist and educator: b. Cologne, Germany, June 21, 1856; d. Freiburg, May 21, 1926.

A student of philology at Leipzig, Strasbourg, and Freiburg, he was professor of German language and literatüre at Jena (1884-1893), then at Freiburg. Author of numerous works on philology, Kluge’s special fields were Germanic, Gothic, and English etymology and the history of language. Among his best known works are Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (1881 ; 16th ed. 1953); Von Luther bis Lessing (1888; 5th ed. 1918); Unser Deutsch (1907; 5th ed. 1929); and Deutsche Sprachgeschichte (1921; 2d ed. 1924).


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