Gian Giorgio Trissino Biography


Who is Gian Giorgio Trissino? Information on Gian Giorgio Trissino biography, life story, works, plays and poems.

Gian-Giorgio-TrissinoGian Giorgio Trissino; Italian poet and scholar: b. Vicenza, Italy, July 8, 1478; d. Rome, Dec. 8, 1550.

Although he was employed by Popes Leo X, Clement VII, and Paul III on important diplomatic missions, he is chiefly remembered for his Sofonisba, written in 1515, the first modern Italian tragedy. His main literary effort was L’ltalia liberata dai Goti (1547-48), an epic poem on the liberation of Italy from the Goths. He also proposed orthographical reforms for the Italian language by the introduction of new letters to represent certain sounds, and wrote several works on the subject.


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