What Does Gold Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Gold Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of gold symbolizes wealth, enlightenment, spirituality, spontaneous healing and longevity. The golden dream can also represent the love and happiness of a couple.

Meanings of dreaming with gold: changing the negative in positive, defects in quality, inconveniences in services, suffering, education, stupidity in spirit, beauty, rudeness, indifference in love ..

Dreaming of an object made in gold: You have the means to install harmony in your life.

In its negative aspect, gold can symbolize temptation, greed, corruption.

Dream of finding gold: You have discovered something valuable about you, a talent, a faculty until now hidden.

The dream of burying a golden object: you try to hide something about yourself from your surroundings.

Dream that you give a golden object:
life brings you the gift you’ve been waiting for. Your efforts are rewarded.

Dream that you find gold: You will receive an inheritance.

Dreaming of a lot of gold: your happiness comes suddenly, you did not expect it.

Dream that you pay someone with gold coins: you may be involved in litigation.

Dreaming that you steal gold: bad news will arrive.

Dreaming that you use gold objects: you must take precautions before a real situation.

Dream about the loss of a gold object: you can be a victim of betrayal.

To dream that they give us a golden object: you risk being humiliated.

The dream of seeing gold objects: watch out for appearances. Do not judge too hastily.

Dream of seeing gold and not being able to reach it: announcement of losses.

Dreaming of breaking the golden plates: the death presage of a subordinate or auxiliary.

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