Good-bye, Mr. Chips Summary


GOOD-BYE, MR. CHIPS is a novel by the English writer James Hilton, published in 1934. The book was filmed in 1939, with Robert Donat as Chips, and again in 1969, with Peter O’Toole.
Good-bye, Mr. Chips
Good-Bye, Mr. Chips describes the tranquil life of Mr. Chipping, master of classical languages at Brookfield, an English boy’s grammar school. “Chips,” as he was affectionately called, went to the school as a young instructor in 1870, and when he retired 43 years later, he was not only an institution but a legend. No one remembered Chips, the monotonous young pedagogue, or even Chips, the husband of the beautiful, vivacious Kathie, who died two years after they were married. When World War I began, he was knovm as a kindly, eccentric former master with a joke for every occasion. The novel ends 15 years after the war, with the aged Chips having one of the new boys to tea. Chips dies in his sleep that night.

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