What Is The Importance of Solar Energy?


What Is The Importance of Solar Energy?

In recent times has begun to give greater importance to Clean Energies, which are obtained by using renewable resources, usually from nature, to transform them into electricity that can be used in the home or any facility of the Electrical Network of a particular building, institution or environment.

This contrasts with the use of Thermoelectric Power Plants, which usually generate the electricity we use on a daily basis obtained by burning fossil fuels, which release a large amount of thermal energy and by operating different turbines produces electrical energy that is subsequently transmitted to the Electricity Network, emitting through Chimneys or Ventilations a variable amount of Pollutant Gases.

One of the sources of Renewable Energy is just Solar Energy, also called Photovoltaic Solar Energy, because the technology needed to be used is the installation of Photovoltaic Solar Panels, sheets of varying thickness that are responsible for capturing the Radiation Solar light and transform it into a usable resource.

Another of the variations offered by this technology is Thermal Solar Energy, which instead of capturing the Solar Illumination, is responsible for collecting the thermal energy that this natural source provides, being one of the most used to power water heating, used for its easy installation both in homes and sports institutions.

To be able to use this Energy Source, it is necessary to have a space to install Solar Panels, generally using the Roofs or Terraces, also benefiting a better use of space, although there is also the location of the so-called Solar Parks, which they consist of large-scale installations and are used to provide Electric Power to a large number of households as well as to supply entire cities.

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