Importance of Women’s Right To Vote


Importance of Women’s Right To Vote

The vote of women was a very important step in terms of equal rights from the political point of view. It began to be implemented in the 19th century, mainly in some states of the United States. Gradually, this decision began to spread to other states, first in Europe and then in Latin America. Nowadays, this circumstance seems totally natural, but the truth is that it took a considerable amount of time to extend universally. Today, the main countries of the world enable female suffrage in ages ranging from seventeen to twenty-one.

Perhaps it may surprise us that the female vote may have taken so long to establish itself indisputably, but the truth is that the right to vote in itself is late in history. In this regard, only in Ancient Greece and Rome did there exist a concrete experience of this circumstance, an experience that was later lost over time. It is only in the anteroom of the French Revolution that the vote to elect the authorities begins to be a slogan that must be fulfilled. This type of vision is closely related to the apogee of liberal ideology, an ideology that goes far beyond economic considerations; In effect, this assessment of the use of freedom is also projected on the political level, making it the decision of each member of the population that chooses the people who are considered most qualified for the main public positions.

Once in society the idea that the popular will was responsible for the election of the government crystallized, the notion that women should participate in this election also began to spread. There was a clear movement in this regard that drew attention to this question, a movement that finally led to an acceptance of its postulates. Today, women’s vote is recognized as a right in several highly relevant international treaties, treaties to which the main countries of the world adhere and which have the highest legal hierarchy. However, there are a few countries in the world where the female vote is still prohibited, or at least severely restricted; In general, these countries tend to have poor integration with the rest of the world. It is hoped that in the future the female vote will be finally extended.

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