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Lady Jane GreyLady Jane Grey; (1537-1554)

Lady Jane Grey, the “nine days’ queen” of England, was the granddaughter of Mary, a sister of Henry VIII. Her parents brought her up very strictly, although she was gentle, quiet and very clever, reading books in many different languages.

She herself had no wish to be queen, but she was married to Lord Guildford Dudley and he was the son of the powerful Duke of Northumberland, who hoped to get the monarchy under his own control. Both Lady Jane and her cousin King Edward VI were Protestants, so Northumberland persuaded Edward to make a will saying that Jane was to be queen, instead of his half-sister Mary, who was a Roman Catholic.

Northumberland proclaimed Jane queen after the death of Edward in 1553, but the people hated Northumberland and believed that Mary was the true queen. Therefore thousands flocked to support her and Jane, who had never been crowned, gave up being queen.

Jane was imprisoned by Mary, who might have let her live, except for another rebellion shortly afterwards. Although Jane was only 16, she was beheaded in front of the Tower of London, after, it is said, having seen her husband’s body being brought back from execution on Tower Hill.

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