What Does Lice Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Lice Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

What does it mean to dream about lice?
Dreaming of insects, in general, is not usually very pleasant, and usually originates in people who suffer from insect phobia (entomophobia), because dreams are a reflection of our fears and concerns.

However, if that is not our case, dreaming about lice in particular has a rather negative meaning that we must take into account, because it can offer us very valuable information.

The interpretation of dreams related to lice is associated with some very annoying concern in our life that is haunting us. It is usually related to aspects that are difficult to eradicate or change, either because we are not able to face them or because they do not depend only on us. It may be that despite our efforts to get rid of it, they cling to us like a parasite.

As a general rule, lice refer to close people who are in our environment. Therefore, our concerns are related to these people or, many times, it is those same people who have made us feel victims of some offense or have betrayed us. It can be about relationships that we doubt because we seem interested or not transparent.

There are also other sleep factors that can give us more information about their interpretation, such as the place where the lice appear, the physical characteristics of the lice or our interaction with them. Below you will find all the details that will help you interpret your dream more correctly and concretely.

Interpretation of specific dreams related to lice
If in your dream the lice appear lodged in your hair and it itches, it means that some topic related to a person close to your environment worries you too much and you can not get it out of your head.

Generally, it indicates distrust towards that person, since there is the possibility that he is betraying you or being interested in you, that he criticizes you or talks about you behind your back, or that he has offended you.

This possibility can be real or a perception of your own, so you should be alert to the behavior of people around you that you suspect.

The size of the lice that appear in the dream is directly related to the magnitude of the concern that we face. The larger the lice, the greater the concern you feel in reference to the problem.

On the other hand, if an unusually large louse appears in your dreams, it may mean that you have a feeling of inferiority to someone in your environment who is superior to you, be it your partner, your boss or a close friend.

It is possible that in the sleep the lice do not appear in your head, but in that of another person. In this case, the interpretation may vary:

If we only see the parasites in the head of the other person, it means that it is she who has some kind of concern or problem that disturbs her, and that we should pay more attention and dedication, because it is likely that your problem will affect us in some way or need our help to overcome it.

If, in the dream you remove the lice from another person, it can symbolize a feeling of submission that we feel towards it and that we dislike or a dependency link of that person to us that drowns us, since we perceive that it makes us responsible for their problems as if they were their own.

Dreaming of alive lice
If the lice with which you dream are alive, it is interpreted as your worries are very present and you have not yet been able to find a solution or relief. When the lice are alive, your insecurities and worries are greater and affect you greatly. Resolving them will take effort, so it might be useful to tell them to someone you trust.

Dream that you kill lice
To dream that we have lice and kill them is a good sign. If you can get rid of them, it shows that you are facing your worries and insecurities and that they will soon disappear.

Indicates that you yourself are able to find a solution to solve your doubts, it can even mean that you will get away from someone close to you that hurts you.

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