Motivational Quotes


“We do not live in our fears, we live in our hopes.” Mike Tomlin
“Stop cooking and start doing!” Denis Waitley.
“Keep doing what you have been doing and you will continue to receive what you have been receiving!” Jackie Cooper
“You can never learn less, you can only learn more.” R Buckminster Fuller.
“Know your fears with faith.” Max Lucado.
“Whatever you do, do not do it.” Yul Brynner
“To better come, good should be kept aside.” Carl Jung.
“The beauty that is seen is partly in him that sees it”. Christian Nestell Bovee.
Motivational Quotes
“You can not do anything about it …” Alex Ferguson.
“You can not get too high for someone to knock you down.” Maya Angelou
“Knowledge can communicate, but not wisdom.” Hermann Hesse.
“There are no inevitabilities in history” Paul Johnson.
“When we know our own strength, we will know better what to do in the hope of succeeding …” John Locke.
“In what you can become, you are already”. Christian Friedrich Hebbel
“Faith is the andtidote out of fear” Russell M Nelson.
“Thanks for that experience.” Oprah Winfrey.
Motivational Quotes
“It’s not what you start in life, it’s what you end up with.” Katharine Hepburn.
“God seeks us as eagerly as we seek God.” The church of Forrest
“You can never be good at anything unless you love him.” Maya Angelou
“The future of work is learning to live”. Marshall Mcluhan.
“Do not let anyone say you can not do it.” John Ilhan
“Insist on yourself, never imitate it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“I will work when the failures seek to rest.” Og Mandino.
“Learn to do things well and then do them well every time”. Bobby Knight
“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle.
“Do not hurry, do not rest.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
“The endings to be useful should not be conclusive.” Samuel R Delany.
“Act now, there is never more time than now, and there will never be more time than now.” Wallace D. Wattles.
“Nothing about us without us.” Judi Chamberlin.
“The future is hidden even from those who do it.” Anatole France.
“Live deep instead of fast.” Henry Seidel Canby.
“I’d rather they call me funny than pretty.” Nia Vardalos.
“We always weaken everything we exaggerate.” Jean-Francois de La Harpe.
“Choosing is also starting”. Star Hawk.
“It’s the foregiver that is released at birth.” Leo Buscaglia.
“All I have to be is be happy.” George Harrison.
“We can live with fear or act for hope.” Bonnie Raitt.
“Pisa softly, Brathe peacefully, laugh hysterically”. Nelson Mandela.
“The only religion is beyond all discourse.” Mahatma Gandhi.
Motivational Quotes
“One thing is right or wrong because you say yes, one thing is not right or wrong intrinsically.” Neale Donald Walsch.
“… everything is God, and there is nothing else.” Neale Donald Walsch.
“We are worried, but we have hope and tremendous promise.” Sara Shandler
“If you do not read, you will never be a filmmaker.” Werner Herzog.
“I ask Laurie if it’s possible to get trained fish, Lindsay says that’s how we know I’ve never produced a movie.” Emma Thompson.
“When you understand how to love a thing, you also understand how to love everything.” Novalis
“Hope begins in the dark.” Anne Lamott.
“Like Paul, I must constantly respond to Macedonia’s call for help.” Martin Luther King son ..
“Create the best of all.” Rudyard Kipling.
“Assumptions allow the best of life to happen.” John Sayles.

“Do it with passion or nothing.” Rosa Nouchette Carey.
“Without geography, you are nowhere”. Jimmy Buffett
“Most fears in life rarely come to fruition.” Tony Robbins.
“Meaning is equal to emotion and emotion is equal to life, choose consciously and wisely.” Tony Robbins.
“The quality of my life was the quality of my questions.” Tony Robbins.
“The means of many exceed the means of a few or one.” Leonard Nimoy.
“Whatever I’ve given, I’ve won it.” Leonard Nimoy.
“Money is just an idea.” Robert Kiyosaki
Motivational Quotes
“And we will not learn to fight against ourselves either.” Peter Mcwilliams
“Find your horse, discover the direction the horse is heading in. Ride the horse in that direction.” Peter Mcwilliams
“There is no greater wisdom than good to time the beginnings and beginnings of things.” Francis Bacon.
“If the emotion goes away, it’s time to get it back.” Meatloaf.
“There’s always space on the top, do not let them tell you there is not”. Adam Ant.
“The only thing you can never change are your values.” Michael Johnson
“It’s not something I should do, but something I want to do …” Jim Fixx.
“Money is the seed of money.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
“A lot of wisdom often goes with fewer words.” Sophocles.
“Science does not belong to any country.” Luis Pasteur.
“To affirm is to make firm”. Peter Mcwilliams
“We love being out of nature, because he has no opinions about us.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“Dreams do not have an expiration date.” David Niven
“Opportunities multiply as they are used.” Sun Tzu.
“God is talking to us all, all the time, the question is not, who is God talking to? The question is, who is listening?” Neale Donald Walsch.
“If you do what you fear, you will not fear what you do.” Gordon Morton McGregor.
“While you teach, you learn.” Seneca the youngest.
“Lives based on having are less free than lives based either on doing or on being.” William James.
“You are the one who can stretch your own horizon.” Edgar Magnin.
“There is a risk that you can not afford to take, and there is a risk that you can not afford not to take”. Peter Drucker.
“Nature and wisdom are never in conflict.” Plutarch.
“With enough butter, everything is fine” Julia Child.
“Everyone thinks they’re right” Stefan Sagmeister.
“I will act now, I will act now, I will act now.” Og Mandino.
“I will walk where failures are afraid to walk”. Og Mandino.
“If so, it’s up to me.” Logan Pearsall Smith.
“If what you’re doing is not working, change it.” Phil Mcgraw
“It’s easier to invent the future than to predict it.” Alan Kay.
“Only a monomaniac gets something.” Albert Einstein.
“You can not do wrong without suffering badly.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
“Common sense is the wick of the candle.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“An ounce of doing things is worth a pound of theorization.” Wallace D. Wattles.
“Learn to freely hold everything that is not eternal.” Maude Royden
“Of all the parts of wisdom, the practice is the best.” John Tillotson
“We are sent to the world to live to the fullest all that awakens in us and everything that comes to us.” John O’Donohue.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“I’ve always enjoyed being part of his life, I’ve always loved him, and he’s always loved me.” June Carter Cash.
“Doubt is often the beginning of wisdom.” M Scott Peck.
“Time is the life of the soul.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
“Our most expensive expense is time.” Theophrastus.
“We have to listen to each other.” Chaim Potok.
“Look not down but up!” Robert Browning
“Go is the goal.” Horace Kallen.
“You do not have to sneeze with your fists.” Richard Nelson Bolles.
“Well-educated women never make history.” Maria Shriver.
“Personally, I’m waiting for the caller’s IQ.” Sandra Bernhard.
“It’s hard to do nothing because you tend to do something and then you have to give it all up.” Jerry Seinfeld.
“I’d rather be fun than wise.” Dennis Miller.
“The goodness that preaches is undone.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“Do not ask the gods anything excessive.” Aeschylus.
“It’s better to be a fool than to be dead.” Robert Louis Stevenson.
“There is no vicarious experience.” Mary Parker Follett.
“I like attracts and we attract what we have in mind”. Ernest Holmes.
“The only thing that some people do is to grow old”. E W Howe.
“When passion rules, it never governs wisely.” Benjamin Franklin.
“Life should not only be lived, but should be celebrated.” Rajneesh
“When you’re young, you work to learn, not to win.” Robert Kiyosaki
“What we are here to do is find ourselves and become the person we are.” Andrew Harvey.
“The customer is never wrong.” Cesar Ritz.
“Do not bury your faults, let them inspire you”. Robert Kiyosaki
“Below all, we are wild and we know it.” Reginald Ray.
“If you are going to affirm something, affirm the truth, then go and do something about it.” Jim Rohn.
“Smile, breathe, go slowly.” Nhat Hanh
“Nobody suspects that the days are gods”. Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“And it can keep you busy like anything else, and happier.” Mary Oliver
“Reductionism is ruthless.” Douglas Hofstadter
“What you plan is too small for you to live.” David Whyte.
“Then I put on my shoes and started.” James To Baldwin.
“Neither despise nor oppose what you do not understand”. William Penn.
“You have to act and act now.” Larry Ellison
“Know that what is easiest to do is rarely the best thing to do.” Robin S. Sharma.
“Do not look outside yourself, Heaven is inside.” Mary Lou Cook.
“Continue, continue, what does not kill us makes us strong.” Tim McGraw.
“Record the future in your own design”. Thomas Dolby.
“All of us have a heaven inside.” Kate Bush.
“I keep the line, the line of force that pulls me out of fear.” Peter Gabriel
“Love lifts us where we belong.” Joe Cocker
“The world says they will never make it, love says they will.” Tanya Tucker
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“You have underestimated my power, as you will soon discover.” Paul Simon.
“What’s the use of war? It’s good for business.” Billy Bragg.
“I put my star so high that I would be constantly moving towards it.” Sidney Poitier
“The most precious gift of life is uncertainty.” Yoshida Kenko
“I left Bataan and I’ll be back!” Douglas Macarthur.
“It’s not about going anywhere, getting anywhere or doing anything, you’re already there.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
“What we do not confront in ourselves we will find ourselves as destiny”. Carl Jung.
“Make me an instrument of your peace”. Francisco de Asís.
“You are not what you eat, but what you believe about what you eat.” Wayne Dyer.
“Education is paradoxical because it is composed largely of things that can not be learned” Roberto Calasso.
“I’m dying, but you are too” Christopher Hitchens.
“The past is not dead, it has not even happened” Christa Wolf.
“Every thought begins with the recognition that something is out of place.” Plato. IMG

“Do not think too much about these things, they will gradually become clearer” Vincent Van Gogh.
“When I was a kid, I just wondered things …” Elon Musk.
“Do not fear new arenas.” Elon Musk
“Ketika kita masih kecil dan setelah kita lanjut usia, kita sangat tergantung kepada orang-orang lain. Di antara masa itu, kita merasa bisa melakukan segala sesuatu tanpa bantuan orang lain, sengga menganggap persian sesama tidak penting padahal dalam tahap ini perlu sekali bagi kita untuk memelihara tape kasih yang mendalam antar sesama manusia “. Dalai Lama.
“What was scattered, collected, what was collected, blows” Heraclitus.
“What is firmly rooted can not be removed” Laozi.
“Happiness is your birthright. Live it!” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“Be the alter, not the alternative.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“In the end you only have you.” Leo Buscaglia.
“We create time, and now we have become slaves of time.” Leo Buscaglia.
“Love must also be learned.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“I am someone, I am I. And I do not need anyone to make me someone.” Louis L’Amour
“You do not do anyone any favors by being less than you are.” Fiona Wood
“I could only believe in a God who could dance … And now a God dances through me.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“Ladies, in the first place: you are on your own, there are no more rules ordered for you to follow, you have to invent YOUR OWN rules.” Gene Simmons.

“Not advancing is withdrawing”. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi.
“Life does not matter!” It’s the courage you bring. “Hugh Walpole.
“Dance until you break.” Rumi
“Learn to be difficult when it counts” Tim Ferriss.
“The world can not remove these smiles.” John Reuben Zappin.
“If you have problems, it’s because you just do not know how … yet!” Jill Konrath.
“To leave your will is to walk towards nothingness”. C. S. Lewis.
“And greet your queen, beautiful regent of the night.” Charles Darwin.
“I’m good at what I do.” Esther Hicks.
“I’m discovering it as I move forward, I’m good at that.” Esther Hicks.
“This is increasingly fun.” Esther Hicks.
“I am increasingly in control of my own vibration.” Esther Hicks.
“My vibration is my point of attraction.” Esther Hicks.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“I can not understand it badly.” Esther Hicks.
“I love that there are others who interact with me.” Esther Hicks.
“I like that we can all choose differently.” Esther Hicks.
“I like that we are not the same”. Esther Hicks.
“Do not put intelligence in front of the communication”. Paul Arden.
“When you can not do it, do it, if you do not do it, it does not exist.” Paul Arden.
“Do not give a speech, put on a show.” Paul Arden.
“The strength of genius comes from being in a bottle.” Richard Wilbur.
“This shows that you’re never too old to be surprised.” Jack Welch
“I guarantee you that nobody will be from the outside”. Jack Welch
“No one is guaranteed a job in this.” Jack Welch
“Our goal is simply to become the desktop for electronic business.” Larry Ellison
“Most of my life has been one tragedy after another, most of which has not happened.” Voltaire
“Silence is often advantageous.” Menander
“You are what you think you are.” Bob Richards.
“What we do and achieve is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible for us.” Les Brown.
“It does not end until you win” Les Brown.
“You do not get what you want in life, you know who you are.” Les Brown.
“Be the sun and everyone will see you.” Fyodor Dostoevsky.
“Sanity is not statistic.” George Orwell.
“You can not have a plan for your day,” until you have a plan for your life. “Tony Robbins.
“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth exaggerating.” Ayn Rand.
“Sometimes we reveal ourselves when we are less like us.” Anais Nin.
“Where there is hope, there is life, it fills us with new courage and strengthens us again.” Anne Frank
“I’m not used to blindly follow the example of other men,” Charles Darwin.
“You have to die a few times before you can really live.” Charles Bukowski.
“Do not follow the trends, do not start the trends”. Frank Capra.
“Burt Reynolds once invited me out, he was in his room.” Phyllis Diller
“The standardized American is, to a large extent, a myth created, in large part, by the Americans themselves.” Irwin Edman.
“You can not applaud an arbitrator.” Alex Ferguson.
“I like simple things.” Valentino Garavani.
“To define is to kill, to suggest is to create”. Stephane Mallarme.

“You can achieve a goal if you know ‘what it is.’ Tony Robbins.
“You can have a plan for your day,” until you have a plan for your life. “Tony Robbins.
“Not to alter one’s faults is to be really defective.” Confucius.
“Although there is no progress without change, not all changes are progress.” John Wooden
“You can not believe one thing and do another, what you believe and what you do is the same.” Leonard Peltier.
“For things to change, you have to change.” Jim Rohn.
“I’ve always been thirsty for knowledge, I’ve always been full of questions.” Hermann Hesse.

“I never take advice from my fears.” George S Patton.
“He who follows another will never reach him” Miguel Ángel.
“We sing because we are happy and happy because we sing” Denis Waitley.
“We do not sing because we’re happy, we’re happy because we sing.” William James.
“There is nothing outside of us, it’s all in us.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“How wild it was, let it be”. Cheryl strayed.
“Each relationship is an exchange of gifts.” Marianne Williamson
“There’s nobody to stop you more than you” Dave Thomas.
“If you’re not leaning, no one will disappoint you.” Robert Anthony.
“It’s not having, it’s getting.” Elizabeth Taylor
“I’m happier now than ever.” David Beckham
“I went from being the Terminator to being the governor.” Arnold Schwarzenegger.
“Being is the great explainer”. Henry David Thoreau.
“Do it wrong, but at least do it!” Ernie J Zelinski.
“Dietrich would never do that” Marlene Dietrich.
“Listen, listen, listen.” Joe Pass
“As you are not like any other being created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.” Brenda Ueland.
“I definitely know there’s someone who takes care of me, because I could never do this alone.” Taylor Swift.
“You really have to believe it.” Donald Trump.
“You have to love what you’re doing, I’ve never seen anyone succeed that does not love what I was doing.” Donald Trump.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“He who loves his work never works.” Jim Stovall
“‘I do not know’ has become ‘I do not know yet'”. Bill Gates.
“Mark it, you will never go where God is not.” Max Lucado.
“You can not retire to weakness, you must learn to control strength.” Wallace Stegner.
“There is nothing to fear except the fear of being yourself.” Eleanor Roosevelt.
“Beliefs create reality” Melody Beattie.
“Choose, but you do not want.” Neale Donald Walsch.
“I tell you this: your life comes from your intentions for it.” Neale Donald Walsch.
“What you do for your Being, you do for another, what you do for another, you do for the Self. This is because you and the other are one, and this is because … there is nothing but You”. Neale Donald Walsch.
“By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity.” Paul Gillin.
“We can see that the baby is as much an instrument of nutrition for us as we are for him.” Polly Berrien Berends.
“They can never forget us.” John Lennon.
“Let’s build Paradise again.” Sebastiao Salgado
“When I make a film, I want it to be everything for me, as if I would die for it.” Quentin Tarantino.
“My god is the narrative cinema.” Darren Aronofsky.
“Yes, and when the love of life disappears, no meaning can console us.” Albert Camus.
“To be a champion you must live as such.” George Bernard Shaw.
“We can live a full and complete life, thinking with our heads but living from our hearts.” Helen Hunt.
“We are here to influence the world instead of being influenced by the world.” Sheri L Dew.
“An ounce of performance is worth more than a pound of preaching.” Elbert Hubbard
“Always do the right thing, that will gratify some and surprise the rest.” Mark Twain.
“The only thing that emanates from my images should be emotion.” Pablo Picasso.
“Every problem has a positive side.” Og Mandino.
“One must need to be strong, otherwise, one will never become strong.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“You must climb above yourself, above and beyond, until you have even your stars below you.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“Violence is not the way”. Martin Luther King son ..
“Those who do not read the news are uninformed, those who do are misinformed.” Mark Twain.
“My call is not for those who believe they belong to the past, my call is for those who believe in the future.” John F. Kennedy.
“Is there any other word for the synonym?” George Carlin
“You must understand that there is more than one way to the top of the mountain” Miyamoto Musashi. IMG
“Disillusionment can drive us or it can beat us.” Tony Robbins.
“You can use your story, or your story can use you.” Tony Robbins.
“Remember, what you say comes back to you.” Zig Ziglar

Motivational Quotes
“Art that works as propaganda is not art.” Leonard Nimoy.
“God never occurs to you in person, but always in action.” Mahatma Gandhi.
“Paper is always stronger in perforations.” Stephen Corry.
“Battles are won and lost before they fight.” Ashwin Sanghi.
“I lived in books more than I lived in another place.” Neil Gaiman.
“The engineers of the future will be poets.” Terence Mckenna
“Dominating others is strength, dominating yourself makes you intrepid.” Laozi
“By passionately believing in something that does not yet exist, we created it.” Nikos Kazantzakis
“Men do less than they should, unless they do everything they can.” Thomas Carlyle.
“We are never so lost that our angels can not find us.” Stefanie Powers
“Rest in this: your mission is to direct, command, impulse, send, call … It is your obligation to obey, follow, move, respond …” Jim Elliot.
“Put your heart to work and ask for the best and best of all.” Meryl Streep.
“Forgiveness comes from a generous soul.” Niccolo Machiavelli.
“God is in my head, but the devil is in my pants.” Jonathan Winters.
“Life always breaks the limits of formulas”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
“There are two types of changes: the change we choose and the change that chooses us.” Linda Ellerbee IMG
“History is a change that happens one person at a time.” Matt Damon.
“We can live victoriously, not because we have any power within ourselves, but because when we surrender to God, He gives himself to us.” Norman Vincent Peale.
“Your 10 000 lovely photographs are the worst.” Henri Cartier-Bresson.
“Fear is not the opposite of courage, fear is the catalyst for courage.” Joan D. Chittister.
“I do not want to bend where I’m bent, there I am a lie.” Rainer Maria Rilke.
“An integral being knows without going, sees without looking and achieves without doing it”. Laozi
“If we are not trustworthy, we have nothing to do.” Larry page.
“You can not gain experience by doing experiments, you can not create experience. Albert Camus.
“What is worth doing is worth asking someone to do.” Ambrose Bierce.
“You have everything you need to build something much bigger than you.” Seth Godin.
“You can not rest on your laurels, your own body of work is to come.” Barack Obama.
“It takes less courage to criticize the decisions of others than to support yours.” Attila the Hun.
“It’s not just about looking and copying, it’s about feeling too much,” Paul Cezanne.
“Imagine in your mind a sense of personal destiny.” Wayne Oates.
“Success is never permanent, and failure is never final.” Mike Ditka
“Accuracy creates credibility.” Jim Rohn.
“In business, one of the challenges is to make sure that your product is the easiest to experience and complete a sale.” Mark Cuban
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“We all have to decide how we are going to fail, not going far enough or going too far.” Sumner Redstone.
“The essential thing is not the knowledge, but the character”. Joseph LeConte.
“The words of truth are always paradoxical.” Laozi
“Do your work brilliantly and the cream will rise to the top.” Irene Rosenfeld.
“If something is worth trying, it’s worth trying at least 10 times.” Art Linkletter.
“Life responds to deserve and not to need.” Jim Rohn.
“The only person who can not be helped is that person who blames others.” Carl Rogers.
“There were many mistakes in the first days, but because we arrived early, we have to make more mistakes than other people.” Bill Gates.
“When you’re not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him, he will win.” Ed Macauley.
“Think, you can think that anyone thinks you want …” Dr. Seuss.
“Knowledge is ‘power until it is applied.’ Dale Carnegie.
“What I’m trying to do is unveil the metaphysical.” Wayne Dyer.
“Who knows the flower best, the one who reads about it in a book, or the one who finds it wild on the side of the mountain?” Alexandra David-Neel.
“The woman must be the pioneer in this attempt at strength, in a sense, she has always been the pioneer.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
“Choice is the engine of our evolution.” Gary Zukav
“The approach is equivalent to feeling.” Tony Robbins.
“Failure makes me work even harder.” Michael Jordan.
“The fire that warms us can also consume us, it is not the fault of the fire”. Swami Vivekananda.
“It’s not about learning a lot, it’s about the opposite, it’s about DESPERATING a lot.” Osho “Rajneesh.
“Nobody learns as much about a subject as someone who is forced to teach it.” Peter Drucker.

“Rule 1: The client is always right.” Rule 2: If the client is wrong, see rule 1. -Duncan Howe “Ann Brashares.
“All of us, sometimes, leave us there under the heavens, and we never understand why.” Truman Capote.
“What you keep before your eyes will affect you”. Joel Osteen
“Honor does not have to be defended.” Robert J. Sawyer.
“Do the right thing and you will please some people and amaze the rest.” Ronald Reagan.
“I am sure that God does not wait for anyone unless he sees that it is good for him to wait.” C. S. Lewis.
“For us, waiting is losing, for God, waiting is working.” Louie Giglio.
“I find beauty in melancholy.” Alexander McQueen.
“When you’re a good giver, you’re a good buyer.” Russell Simmons.
“Let my temptation be a book.” Eugene Field.
“Nothing succeeds like excess!” Anna Dello Russo
“I do not want easy, it’s only possible.” Bethany Hamilton
“If you can not, then you must do it!” Tony Robbins.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“An answer to a question that nobody asked is a wasted response”. Esther Hicks.
“There is no safer way to read a document wrong than to read it literally.” Learned hand
“We’re going to enrich ourselves with our mutual differences.” Paul Valery.
“Sometimes we receive the power to say yes to life, then peace enters us and makes us complete.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
“I throw as hard as ever, it only takes twice as long to get there.” Warren Spahn.
“You did not have faith to lose and you know it.” Bob Dylan.
“Each runner is an experiment of one.” George A Sheehan.
“Punctuality is the best in all matters.” Hesiod.
“The powerful rivers can easily jump from their origin”. Publilius Syrus.
“The first point of wisdom is to discern what is false, the second, to know what is true.” Lactantius
“The maxim that” the best is the cheapest “does not apply to food. Wilbur Olin Atwater.
“You invest in what you think can be successful.” John C Maxwell.
“If you must commit, commit it.” Eleanor Roosevelt.
“When nothing is going well, you have to look forward and face first.” Kyo Shirodaira.
“The character is perfectly educated.” Novalis
“The more I spend raising children, the more I say I owe my mother an apology.” Ray Romano.
“When I was young, I felt sorry for the old man, now old, it’s the young man I feel sorry for.” Jean Rostand.
“A person without remorse is a nincompoop.” Mia Farrow
“When I go to the beach, even the tide does not enter.” Phyllis Diller
“I do not have anything against dogs, I hate carpets that are crushed.” Phyllis Diller
“Whining is anger through a small opening”. Al Franken.
“In retrospect, it’s like a forecast without a future.” Kevin Kline
“What the hell would he sing if he had everything?” Dave Matthews
“You do not marry art, you violate it.” Edgar Degas
“Karaoke is the great equalizer.” Aisha Tyler.
“The best beauty secret is sunscreen.” Christie Brinkley.
“Directly after God in heaven comes a dad.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
“It’s okay to play with your food.” Emeril Lagasse.
“Laughter lowers the swelling in our national psyche”. Stephen Colbert
“Love makes intellectual pretzels to all of us.” Sarah Bird.
“Flirting is conversational chemistry.” Isaac Mizrahi.
“Anyone who is really successful has doubts.” Jerry Bruckheimer.
“The highest peace is peace among opposites.” Leonid Brezhnev.
“There’s only one story of importance, and it’s the story of what he once believed, and the story of what he came to believe.” Kay Boyle.
“We are cold with others only when we are bored with ourselves.” William Hazlitt.
“Someday the change will be accepted as life itself.” Shirley Maclaine
“He’s stubborn as he is, he’s not thinking about that.” Anthony Trollope.
“Necessity is often the stimulus for genius.” Honore De Balzac
“A man must learn to patiently endure what he can not conveniently avoid.” Michel De Montaigne.
“Life involves passions, beliefs, doubts and courage.” Josiah Royce.
“Truly fools are those who rely on fortune.” Murasaki Shikibu.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“Paradise is here or nowhere: you must take your joy with you or you will never find it”. Orison Swett Marden.
“Why leave the nut you got for one you do not know?” Loretta Lynn
“Do you know why the fish are so thin? They eat fish.” Jerry Seinfeld.
“Find inner peace? I looked, it was not there.” Bob Geldof.
“I will never be ashamed to quote a bad author if what he says is good.” Seneca the youngest.
“Indecision is the seed of fear.” Napoleon Hill.
“How do I know about the world? For what is inside me.” Laozi
“The smartest thing a woman can learn is never need a man.” Demi lovato.
“I’ve always admired the ability to bite more than you can chew and then chew.” William C. deMille.
“You can only expand your abilities by working to the limit” Hugh Nibley.
“The will to do, the soul to dare”. Walter Scott.

“Everything matters, nothing is important.” Friedrich Nietzsche.
“Desire never ceases to be insubordinate.” Sigmund Freud.
“There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is and to love it.” Romain Rolland.
“Every death is like burning a library.” Alex Haley
“I did not have to believe, I just had to ask.” Patricia Monaghan.
“Suffering happens, but the fact of having suffered never happens.” Leon Bloy.
“The soul that contemplates beauty becomes beautiful.” Plotinus.
“There are many events in the womb of time that will be delivered.” William Shakespeare.
“To have suffered a lot is like knowing many languages, you have learned to understand everything.” George Eliot.
“This is enough, it was always true, we just have not seen it.” Rumi
“Either you control money, or, at a certain level, money dominates you.” Tony Robbins.
“I’m addicted to winning, the more you win, the more you want to win.” Larry Ellison
“You can not spend as much money as I do, even if you try, I’ve tried.” Larry Ellison
“We have control of the only asset that we all give more f% ks, and that’s time.” Gary Vaynerchuk.
“Where you see difficulty, I see opportunity.” Albert Einstein.
“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Philip M. Condit.
“The less you have, the less you have to worry about.” Gautama Buddha.
“Although sometimes we did not get anything, we were happy with the joy that the day would bring”. Stevie wonder.
“For once in your life, here is your miracle, stand up and fight.” Kenny Loggins.
“Give us strength, give us wisdom and give us tomorrow.” Robbie Robertson
“Sit, while I go to heaven.” Tori Amos
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“I’ll spend my mornings in the sunny cafe.” Pete Townshend.
“I’m never going to quit, because quitting” is just not my gossip. “Barry White.
“I’m still the king of me.” Sheryl Crow.
“At all times there is a reason to continue.” Kenny Loggins.
“It’s just about removing obstacles.” Sheryl Crow.
“Solitude is emptiness, but happiness is you”. Johnny Cash
“No matter what they take from me, they can not take away my dignity.” George Benson.
“Nothing was risked, nothing won, sometimes you have to go against the current”. Garth Brooks.
“Nothing that we can not handle, break it down and dismantle it.” Dmx.
“Sometimes all that is needed is just a smile to change someone’s climate.” Wynonna Judd.
“Take a look, there are misfits everywhere.” Ray Davies.
“Stand up and order to demand the great thing.” Big Daddy Kane.
“There was a time when the man stood his ground, the right was right and the wrong thing was wrong.” Ted Nugent
“We have to fool the fools and plan the plans, we have to rule the rules, get to be in the stands.” Pete Townshend.
“With a heart that is sincere, keeping you young.” Smokey Robinson
“You can not stop us on the path to freedom, you can not stop us because our eyes can see.” Van Morrison
“You have to follow that dream, wherever that dream takes you.” Elvis Presley.
“Always ask yourself: how can this be done better?” Georg C Lichtenberg.
“All limitations are self-imposed.” Ernest Holmes.
“You get what you think if you want it or not.” Wayne Dyer.
“There is no wide path that leads to the Muses.” Propertius.
“You’re not really free until you’re free to try to please everyone.” Joel Osteen
“God is a hacker, not an engineer” Francis Crick.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“The goal of the future is total unemployment” Arthur C Clarke.
“Time is the substance we are made of” Jorge Luis Borges.
“Pacifism is objectively pro-fascist” George Orwell.
“The peace of God is not the absence of fear, in fact, it is His presence.” Timothy Keller.
“You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.” Susan Wiggs.
“Leadership has a point of view.” Roger Enrico.
“Consider the pleasures as they go, not how they come.” Aristotle.
“It is your convictions that compel you, that is, the election forces the election.” Epictetus
“To dedicate your life to the good of all and to the happiness of all is religion, whatever you do for your own good is not religion.” Swami Vivekananda.
“Do not wait for anyone or anything, do what you can, do not generate hope in anyone.” Swami Vivekananda.
“When someone shares, everyone wins.” Jim Rohn.
“You should not do things differently just because they are different, they have to be … better.” Elon Musk
“I could see it happen or be part of that.” Elon Musk
“He who knows himself is enlightened.” Laozi
“Read less, study less, but think more” Leo Tolstoy.
“The people who are right most of the time are people who change their minds often,” Jeff Bezos.
“Some lose but they win, others win and still lose” Laozi.
“His ability to generate energy is directly proportional to his ability to relax” David Allen.
“The only purpose to start is to finish” Seth Godin.
“To conquer the unknown you must trust.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“You owe it to yourself to be yourself.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“Never curse yourself by limiting your students.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“If you are happy, happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“In all darkness, there is a light and in all light there is a darkness.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“I know the answer, not the question.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“Let your heart speak to the hearts of others.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“You can never hide from your truth, if you do, you will always be lost.” Harbhajan Singh Yogi.
“Negativity is never an option” Steve Lopez.
“Nothing Gold can stay.” Robert Frost.
“It is the stillness that will save and transform the world.” Eckhart Tolle.
“Worrying is like paying a debt you do not owe.” Mark Twain.
“It’s not bragging if you really did it.” Dizzy Dean.
“If it never rained, nothing would grow.” Oprah Winfrey.
“As you breathe, lift yourself in. As you exhale, treasure all the Beings.” Dalai Lama.
“Everyone gets what they want, they do not always like it.” C. S. Lewis.
“The thought that took us to where we are is not the thought that will take us to where we want to be.” Albert Einstein.
“We are always pregnant with a truer version of ourselves.” Marianne Williamson
“There are no things to do, only elections” Eleanor Roosevelt.
“It will not happen if you expect the boss to tell you to make it happen.” Mitch Joel
“Everything you need to be great is already inside you, stop waiting for someone or something to light your fire, you have the game.” Darren Hardy.
“Look forward to a bold start.” Virgil
“I’m deaf to the word ‘no’.” Dhirubhai Ambani.
“Never, until my last breath, I am going to work, to retire, there is only one place: the cremation field.” Dhirubhai Ambani.
“For me there is nothing more sacred than love and laughter, and there is nothing more pious than playing.” Rajneesh
“How can one be enlightened? One can, because one is enlightened, one has to recognize the fact.” Rajneesh
“Life is not a balance between pulling and inviting to enter.” Rajneesh
“There’s no need to be more, you’re enough, they’re all enough.” Rajneesh
“This was the reason why they brought you to Narnia, that by knowing me here a little, you may know me better there.” C. S. Lewis.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“I can not pay them any other way.” Andrew Carnegie
“Who strictly prosecute the faults of others will not find condescension with yours.” Saint John Chrysostom.
“I looked up into heaven and trusted God.” Anne Frank
“There are no mistakes in life, only lessons, lessons to learn and relearn until they are no longer lessons”. Cherie Carter-Scott.
“Everything I want comes in its place.” Esther Hicks.
“Well-being is my birthright.” Esther Hicks.
“I do not have to know everything that is going to happen, I know enough.” Esther Hicks.
“I like where I’m standing, this is fun.” Esther Hicks.
“I can configure my tone easily.” Esther Hicks.
Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes
“I’m getting better at that every day.” Esther Hicks.
“There is no risk involved.” Esther Hicks.
“I never get away from Wellness.” Esther Hicks.
“I already discovered how to stay within range.” Esther Hicks.
“I’m a very good tuner.” Esther Hicks.
“All this is for fun anyway.” Esther Hicks.
“I like that in many aspects we are all the same”. Esther Hicks.
“Expansion is inevitable.” Esther Hicks.
“I think Mr. Greenspan’s play was well received by everyone here.” Jack Welch
“We have the brand and we have the capacity to comply, now we have to obtain the network, and that is the easiest part of the game.” Jack Welch
“I love surfing, I like it more when I’m winning.” Larry Ellison
“In five years, I do not know how I’m going to think.” Larry Ellison

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