Rat-Tail Flower Care Instructions


Plant Care Instructions for Rat-Tails, Rat-Tail repotting, care tips, lighting, soil, watering, temperature tips.

Rat-Tail Flower (Cactus)

Rat-Tail Flower (Cactus)

Light: light
Temperature: 70° to 75° F – 21° to 24° C
Humidity: 40%
Soil: “tropical” and peat-moss
Watering: every third or fourth day
Spraying: daily

This type of Peperomia is grown for its attractive, silvery-metallic leaves and is often used in miniature gardens. While the flowers are quite pretty, this plant is valued above all for its foliage.

It needs a very bright place and a humid and temperate environment. Its leaves should be sprayed regularly. When watering, drench the soil thoroughly and allow it to become dry before the next watering. From spring to fall, fertilizer should be applied. Annual repotting is done in the spring.

Leaf cuttings are used for propagation. Cut off a leaf with its stem and plant it in a sandy mixture. The stem must be completely buried in the rooting medium. You should use shallow pots for this type of plant. Remember that this plant needs warmth, lots of humidity, and should be kept out of the direct sun.

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