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Robert Beverley; (c. 1673-1722), American historian. He was born in Middlesex County, Va. He was educated in England, and by 1696 had become clerk of the Virginia General Court, clerk of the Council, and clerk of the General Assembly of Virginia. He also was burgess for Jamestown in 1699, 1700-1702, and 1705-1706. While on a visit in England in 1703-1704, Beverley sent home several letters in which he indiscreetly criticized the conduct of certain public affairs. This brought a rebuke from the crown that ended Beverley’s political career in Virginia. He retired to Beverley Park, his estate in Virginia, and he presided in the King and Queen County court. He died at Beverley Park in 1722.

Beverley was the author of The History and Present State of Virginia (1705; rev. ed., 1722), reprinted in a modern edition by Louis B. Wright in 1947. The first such history by a native Virginian, it is written in a fast-moving, entertaining style, describing from keen observation the government and economic life of the colony.

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