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Stefan ŻeromskiStefan Żeromski; Polish novelist: b. Strawczyn, Kielce Province, Poland, Nov. 1, 1864; d. Warsaw, Nov. 20, 1925.

He abandoned veterinary studies in Warsaw to make his livelihood first as a tutor and then as a librarian. His novel Ludzie bezdomni (1900; The Homeless) brought him public attention, and the success of his three-volume novel Popioly (1904; Eng. tr. Ashes, 1928) enabled him finally to make a living as a writer. One of his early volumes of short stories, Rozdziobiq nas kruki, wrony (1895; We Are Carrion for Crows and Ravens), and his first novel, Syzyfowe prace (1898; Sisyphean Labors), were published pseudonymously because they were critical of czarist conditions.

Zeromski became a symbol of national conscience for the Polish people during the first two decades of the 20th century. Among his many other popular novels are Dzieje grzechu (1908; Story of a Sin); Wierna rzeka (1912; Eng. tr., The Faithful River, 1943); the trilogy Walka z szatanem (1916-19, The Fight Against Satan); and Przedwiosnie (1925; First Spring). During the last five years of his life he experimented with playwriting and produced a successful comedy in “Uciekla mi przepioreczka” (1924; My Little Quail Has Fled Away; the title is a proverb). Many of his novels are weakly constructed, but he had a gift for language which made him a master of lyrical and descriptive prose.

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