The Gondoliers


The Gondoliers, an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. The Gondoliers, or The King of Baratana, was first performed at the Savoy Theatre in London on Dec. 7, 1889.

During a celebration in Venice, two blindfolded gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, choose Tessa and Gianetta as their brides. The Duke of Plaza-Toro relates that his daughter Casilda had been betrothed to the infant son of the King of Barataria, on whose abdication the boy had been spirited away to Venice. The Duke learns that the Prince, identifiable only by his nurse, has become a gondolier. The Inquisitor declares that, until the nurse can be found, the gondoliers must reign jointly in Barataria. The nurse eventually reveals that the Duke’s drummer Luiz is the real prince. Luiz becomes king of Barataria with Casilda as his queen.

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