Thomas Young Quotes


When I was a child, I thought I was a man. Now that I’m a man, I’m a boy.

The experiments that I will relate … can be repeated with great ease, every time the sun shines, and without any other device that is at hand of all.

You can evade justice, but in our eyes you are guilty of heinous crimes of war, looting and, ultimately, murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans, my fellow veterans, whose future you stole.
Thomas Young Quotes
It should be noted that fishing with any live bait should be condemned for the same reason as fishing with a worm: in all those cases, we tortured two animals at once for our amusement.

Proposition IX. Radiant light consists of ripples of the luminiferous ether.

Bacon first taught the world the true method of the study of nature, and rescued the science of that barbarism in which the followers of Aristotle, by an overly slavish imitation of their teacher.

Newton advanced, with a gigantic step, from the regions of twilight at noon of science. A Boyle and a Hooke, who otherwise would have deserved the boast of their century, served only as obscure precursors of the glories of Newton.

The nature of light is a matter of no material importance for the concerns of life or the practice of the arts, but in many other aspects it is extremely interesting.

But you will find … that a universal law prevails in all these phenomena. When two portions of the same light reach the eye by different routes, either exactly or very close in the same direction, the appearance or disappearance of several colors is determined by the greater or lesser difference in the lengths of the roads.

If we look for the simplest arrangement, which allows [the eye]to receive and discriminate the impressions of the different parts of the spectrum, we can suppose three different sensations that will only be excited by the rays of the three main pure colors, falling at any given point of the retina, red, green and violet; while the rays that occupy the intermediate spaces are capable of producing mixed sensations, the yellow ones that belong to red and green, and the blue ones that belong to green and violet.
Thomas Young Quotes
Proposition VIII. When two undulations, of different origins, coincide perfectly or almost in direction, their joint effect is a combination of the movements that belong to each one.

Radiant light consists of ripples of the luminiferous ether.

Another class of ancient and extensive languages, united by a large number of similarities that may well be totally accidental, can be called Indo-European, including the Indian, West Asia and almost all European languages.

Suppose that several equal waves of water move over the surface of a stagnant lake, with a certain constant velocity, and enter a narrow channel that leaves the lake. Suppose then another similar cause to have excited another equal series of waves, arriving at the same time, with the first. Neither of the two series will destroy the other, but their effects will be combined.

Vision motivates, sustains and dispels doubt.

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