What Does Tiger Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Tiger Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

In dreams the tiger has the meaning of the symbol of the woman.

Very often, this animal is represented as an unconscious, disturbing and provocative woman, with an irresistible sexual attractiveness. Tigers are therefore symbols of a sensual woman and an overprotective mother.

The tiger in dreams and in reality is an aggressive, powerful and ferocious feline that puts us in contact with our primitive part, with the primary forces and therefore drives us towards our instinctual impulses. Soñar-con-tigres

What does it mean to dream of a tiger?
Dreaming of a white tiger like Bengal can have a positive, pure and noble meaning.

Meaning and interpretation of the following dreams:
Dream that a tiger is chasing you
Dream that a tiger bites you
Dreaming of a tiger crying
By instinct, the tigers will run after you and attack you, try to take control while you try to tame it or if you do not represent your unconscious, there is a person in your life (the symbol is often female) that does not come with very good intentions .

Meaning and interpretation of the following dreams related to tigers:
Dreaming of a caged tiger
Dreaming of a tiger wearing a leash
This means that our instincts seem to be trapped in a cage without being able to get out of it. Sometimes with such responsibility we can feel trapped or we are not free to express ourselves.

If in the dream a tiger and a lion appear, two animals of great strength and power, it can mean to be dreaming of a couple of lovers or friends in case the two animals are calm with each other in your dreams. If you are fighting between the two, it can be a sign of a confrontation between you and another person.

The tiger in dreams is undoubtedly a symbol that can attract and intrigue a lot. In fact, it is rare that you dream of a tiger like the times you dream of lions, but if you do, it can certainly indicate something important.

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