What Does Tsunami Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Tsunami Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

If you dream of great natural disasters, such as a tsunami, this may mean that a transition stage is closed and a new stage of growth begins.

Have you ever seen a huge wave coming towards us or crashing into a cliff? What does it mean to dream of tsunamis that devastate everything that lies ahead? Today we try to understand the meaning of that kind of natural disaster that appears in a dream. The increase of water in dreams, and dream of huge waves that dominate us and overwhelm us, always occur when situations of life that oppress us are combined, situations of which we can not find any solution or can mean some incredible situation that is I was about to arrive and we would never have expected it to happen.

The impact force of a tsunami can block and sink entire cities and can destroy the earth.

Dream of a tsunami that drags an entire city
This dream can presage an important event that will not only affect us, but also people in our circle. That is why some people are able to have premonitory dreams about favorable or not so favorable events, that can affect someone and that will implicate all of humanity in some way.

This type of dream, the majority of times is about the dreamer himself, his life, his way of living and deal with their situations and their concerns. Sometimes while we dream, the dream seems so real that we can get up with our hearts beating and perspiring.

These dreams can hide a tremendous insecurity in our lives that can be related mainly to work, affection and our love life. The most likely thing is to be overwhelmed by a problem that does not stop appearing in our mind and it is difficult for us to stop thinking about other things. Usually that feeling is not pleasant, but be careful because in the dream it is possible that we can save ourselves from the tsunami and therefore in real life we ​​could also find a solution for that problem that concerns us so much.

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