What Does Turtle Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary


What Does Turtle Mean In A Dream – Dream Dictionary

As in any other dream, if you dream of turtles when you have recently had an experience with this animal, either because you have seen a documentary or you have visited the zoo, for example, its appearance is based solely on experience, and there is no special dream interpretation. However, when the turtle appears in your dreams spontaneously, without apparent cause, this article can help you interpret its meaning.

Usually, when we dream of animals, our dreams are usually related to the perception that we humans have of the animal in particular, or to the idea that we ourselves have drawn from the animal from our personal experiences.

In the case of dreaming of turtles, the meaning is therefore closely related to longevity and good health, as they are animals that live for many years, and with the prudence of moving slowly in the achievement of our goals. The turtle is the wisdom to go little by little, with care in making every decision or choice we make, having to walk slowly to reach our dreams, but auguring success and prosperity.

It is therefore a sign of good luck to dream of turtles, and it is related to the arrival of a good time in our life in all areas.

On the other hand, turtles can also represent the image we have of ourselves. They are animals that are protected and hide behind a hard shell, so we can feel identified with them when we are facing a problem or we keep very reserved with a sensitive issue.

However, although this would be the most generic interpretation, there may be variations depending on the specific characteristics of the dream.

Interpretation and meaning of dreaming of turtles

Depending on the type of turtle with which we are, the meaning may vary. A very old turtle usually symbolizes good news, as giant tortoises are related to a greater intensification of your reserves and difficulties to express your feelings. However, dreaming about a dead turtle or having a broken shell is not a good sign, because it represents confusion in our lives or that we may be hit by an unfortunate event.

The behavior of the animal or our own towards him also tells a lot about the meaning of the dream. If we dream that a turtle is slowly approaching us towards us, and makes us feel uncomfortable, it can symbolize someone close to whom we respect but who is trying to make us feel intimidated. On the other hand, if the turtle stops when it reaches our height and its presence does not disturb us, it is a sign of success in any project that we have at hand, whether personal or professional. When we dream that the turtle is fleeing it means that our attitude toward something or someone important is being too aggressive. Another case may be to dream that the turtle attacks or bites us. This may be related to our impatience to meet a deadline or goal that is progressing very slowly.

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