If you are looking for easy but important ways to reduce environmental pollution, this article will inform you about it. These ways of curbing pollution will help you to contribute a little in the prevention of this contamination.

Not everyone is aware of exactly what environmental pollution means, or rather, most of us misunderstand. There is a difference between this particular pollution and the general term “pollution”. Environmental pollution includes only those types of pollution that cause a change, which is against the laws of nature. It is a change that affects, in a harmful way, the elements of water, air and earth. The extent to which the biological cycles between these elements are altered can not be measured. The factors that cause these changes, or in other words, cause this pollution, are called pollutants. The two most important factors are the industrial revolution and urbanization. Both, in their own way, exhausted resources and contributed to horrendous conditions. Other important pollutants include biomagnification, the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, haze and smog. There is an urgent need for us to do something about the increase in pollution. Many people want to do their part, but do not know how to reduce pollution. The facts of environmental pollution require that quick action be taken, before our environment changes beyond recognition. But how do we achieve this goal? It’s simple. Simply follow these simple tips and you will contribute with your part.

Although we are going to see many ways in which we can reduce air pollution, let’s start with the basics. Do not smoke in congested areas and in closed rooms, especially in the house. The following are fires. Fires, used to eliminate waste, are one of the most dangerous pollutants. In many countries, even today, waste is collected on roads and burned, right where it is. Do not use fires for your barbecues too. Start with an electrical probe instead, or use a natural gas and / or propane barbecue. Their cars are next, when it comes to air pollution. If you still do not have a car, be sure to buy a low pollution model, whenever you plan to buy one. You can obtain information about these directly from the respective sales departments. Combine as many tasks as you can, to make a single trip. Take advantage of car sharing or use public transport. Do not hesitate to park from a distance. Your tires must be properly maintained. Alignment and jubilation should be checked regularly. A general advice would be to buy locally produced foods. This reduces the resources used for packaging, transport and also the refrigeration they sometimes need. For the same reasons, buy bulk supplies whenever possible.

Examples: Air pollution not only includes the gases that our cars and cigarettes emit, but also includes the emission of highly poisonous gases. The best example to declare here would be the 1984 incident that occurred in India: the Bhopal gas tragedy. He killed 25,000 human beings. These figures help us show us something of gravity. In addition, in 1272, the burning of sea carbon was banned in England by King Edward I, after reports of smoke-related problems.

~ Reduce water pollution

We have been listening to this from the school but, nevertheless, very few of us are really aware about it. Faucets in operation continue to be one of the biggest sources of water pollution. One has to understand that the first step towards a cure is prevention. Prevent water pollution, and it will be helping in a huge way. First you must reduce the use of resources. The next on the line is grass. If you have space in the garden around your house, plant natural plants instead of large expanses of lawn. The maintenance of large gardens requires a lot of water, more than what you should use, without forgetting the chemical products. Their consumption of meat is also a factor that leads to water pollution. Incredible true? The amount of water we need to produce meat is unlikely. In your bathroom, be sure to install the low flow shower heads. Did you know that cleaning your pet’s waste with water is another big contributor to environmental pollution? Pet waste not only contains harmful bacteria, but also leads to eutrophication of lakes. Get used to collecting pet waste and throw it away. Detergents and shampoos should also be bought with a lot of thought. Buy shampoos and detergents that respect the environment, since others contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The detergents mostly contain nonylphenol, a chemical that interrupts reproduction in fish. There are many ways to try at home, right?

Examples: It is believed that approximately 14,000 people die every day, due to water pollution. At the same time, in India, it is said that a thousand children die of diarrhea daily. 90% of cities in China are victims of water pollution, to one degree or another. During the war in Iraq in the 1990s, 900,000,000 barrels of oil from ships leaked into ocean waters. Once, in Minnesota, approximately 250,000 or more types of blackfish disappeared. We all remember finding 240,000 dead fish along the Tennessee River, Alabama.

~ Reduce soil pollution

Maybe, we have become accustomed to the air we breathe. Perhaps, we have completely forgotten the images of polluted oceans and rivers that we saw in our geography textbooks. But how can we ignore the dirty streets we go through every day? How can we forget to what extent we take this land for granted, on a daily basis? The contamination of the earth threatens us, subtly. We know how much plastic we use. The first thing you should do is replace all your plastic bags. Buy some cloth bags in advance, an amount that will last at least a month. Each city and / or neighborhood has a structured elimination system. Read yours and dispose of the waste as requested. Recycle everything that is inorganic,
DO NOT discard it. Items such as cell phones can be recycled. Do not litter, it will eventually rot the soil and then water. One more among all the ways to reduce environmental pollution is to reuse bottles / storage jars in the home. Buy parts for products instead of buying new packages completely. Study composting and start the process at home. This is not only a great individual step, but it can also slowly suggest to others to participate in it as well. Composting is both a prevention and a cure. Proper mining activities will reduce the creation of elements.

Examples: in 1993, in Scotland, waste of up to 14 million tons was created. During the same time, 90% of the controlled waste went to landfills. This, in turn, produced methane gas, the amount of 2 million. Although everything started from the era of the Industrial Revolution, homes are one of the most polluting the earth. In China, 50 million miles of land are contaminated. Some more are damaged when cultivated with contaminated and contaminated water.

As we have seen, there are not 50 ways to reduce environmental pollution that provide us with a permanent solution. What has been done has been done. Before cleaning that, we have to stop adding to the existing contamination. Do your part, every day. The simplest resolution would be to do all these things at least once a month. That is enough to start. If others do too, we will contribute in an excellent way to reduce pollution. Consciousness is important, and so is wanting to live in a better world. Help the environment, help yourself!

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