What Does Arc Mean?


What does arc mean? What are the features of arc in mathematics. Information about arc.

ARC, in mathematics, a segment of a curve. The word most often is used in reference to the arc of a circle, where it is the segment of the circumference cut off by two radii or by a secant line. In angular measurement, the magnitude of an arc is expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc. In these units, the magnitude of the arc is identical to the magnitude of the central angle subtended by the arc.

When the sides of the central angle cut off a length of arc equal to the length of the radius, the central angle has a magnitude of one radian, which is another unit of measurement of an angle. When the central angle is known in radians, the arc length can be computed by multiplying the radian value by the length of the radius. Such computations are simplified if radians are used rather than degrees. Degrees can be converted to radians by multiplying the number of degrees by π/180°. Radius and arc length are expressed in linear measure—for example, inches.


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