What Happened to the Day of Ashure?


The Day of Ashure, considered as one of the most important days of the Islamic world, is information about events that take place according to Islamic belief. What happened to Ashure Day?
What Happened to the Day of Ashure


Aşure Day is a very important day for the Islamic world. It is a day for Muslims to spread their love to their relatives, to their neighbors and to their relatives, and to see them reunite and reunite as if they were on the same holiday days. The day of Ashure, an important day that keeps Muslims away from Muslim values. Then the question may come to mind “What Happened on the Day of Aşure?” Why is the Day of Ashure an important day for the Islamic world. You can find the answer to this question immediately below.

First of all, the Day of Ashure is hit on the 10th day of the Muharrem month, which has been in Hikari for 3 months. For this reason, the day changes according to the millennium calendar every year. Allah (c.c), an important month known as the month of Muharrem, and the 10th day of the Muharrem month, Almighty God has given many blessings to 10 different prophets. Ashure is a word that means tenth in Arabic, as Arabic knows. Below is a short list of the events that occurred in the Day of Ashure according to Islamic belief.

After Adam was fired from heaven, he was very sorry and regretted. For this reason Hz. Adam repented every day to get rid of the sin that he had committed to be forgiven. Adem’s repentance is today accepted as the Day of Ashure.

After Noah’s great flood, he believed himself and set foot on Mount Sail (Day of Cudi Mountain).

The miracle of Abraham being thrown into the fire by Pharaoh and escaping from the fire has come to the stage of Aşure Day again.

The blind eyes of Jacob again opened a Day of Ashure.

Hz. Yusuf was escaped from the blind wasted by his brothers again due to jealousy.

 It is the Day of Ashure the day Moses divided the Nile river.

Hz. Yunus came out of the body of a man who swallowed himself a day of Ashure and was saved.

It is believed that Jesus was born a Day of Ashure.

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