What is Chemosh in the Bible


CHEMOSH, was the national god of the Moabites, an aneient tribe akin to the Israelites. As indicated in the Old Testament and in Moabite, Assyrian, and Egyptian records, the position of Chemosh in Moab was similar to that of Yahweh in Israel.

Sacrifices were offered to him oh shrines or “high places” built in his honor. Military defeats were considered a manifestation of his displeasure; victories, a gift of his beneficence. A Biblical passage (Judges 11:24) indicates that Chemosh was also worshiped by the Ammonites, and a shrine built to Chemosh in Jerusalem by King Solomon seems to have been a place of worship for about 300 years, until it was destroyed by King Josiah. The Moabites, referred to in poetic utterance as “the people of Chemosh,” often took the name Chemosh as part of their own, as in Chemosh-Nadav (Chemosh is bountiful).

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