What is the Day of Ashure?


What is Ashure’s day and when? What is the characteristic of Ashure’s day, what happened in history, how are beliefs? Information about the day of Ashure.


Day of Ashure

Aşure Day; The first day of the Hijri calendar is the date given to the muharremin 10th day.

Before Islam, the Jews celebrated the feast day of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) on the tenth day of the month of their tribute, which they began their camaraderie. Hz. In the first year of Muhammad HijraTin (622), Muslims obliged to fast between the two suns on the 10th day of Muharramma. After Hadratin’s second year in Ramadan, he stayed as a worshiper of the one who wanted.

On this day, as a tradition of baking a special dessert with the name of Aşure, it has come to the present day. Many different interpretations have emerged in Ashure’s Day with the participation of many ancient beliefs as well as Jewish and Muslim beliefs. That day, the repentance of the Prophet Adam was accepted; The ark of Noah’s prophet was sitting on the Cudi Mountain after the flood; The prophet Abraham was freed from the fire; Jacob the son of the prophet Joseph; Hz. The birth of Muhammad, and so forth. The Day of Ashure, Shi’a, especially the Anatolian Alevis and Bektashilerini have gained different dimensions. Hz. The grandson of Muhammad and Hz. Ali’s son Hz. Muharrem and condolence ceremonies held in connection with Hussein’s martyrdom in Hijri 10 Muharrem 61 (680) also participated in the beliefs about the Day of Ashure.

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