Where is Cefalù


Cefalù, is a town and commune in Italy, on the north coast of the island of Sicily, 46 miles (74 km) east of Palermo. Cefalù is best known for its great cathedral, built by Roger II, Norman king of Sicily in the 12th century. Begun in 1131, the cathedral presents the appearance of a northern Norman church. Its vast interior, 295 feet (90 meters) long, shows examples of Sicilian and Arab workmanship.

The apse of the cathedral is its greatest glory. There the art of the mosaic makers in the Byzantine tradition reached a height unsurpassed in any of the other great centers of art in Sicily. The dominant figüre of the mosaic in the apse is an immense, severe head of Christ. Below the head of Christ, the Virg in and four archangels appear. The two bottom rows of mosaics represent the apostles. The mosaics of the apse were completed in 1148.

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