Who is Abbas (566-653)


ABBAS (566-653), was the paternal uncle of the prophet Mohammed, founder of islam. He was also the great-grandfather of Abu’l-Abbas as-Saffah, founder of the Abbasid dynasty, which was named for Abbas. His full Arabic name was al-Abbas Ibn Abd al-Muttalib.

Abbas was a rich merchant in Mecca, and at first opposed his nephew Mohammed’s innovations. Fighting against Mohammed in the Battle of Badr in 624, he was taken prisoner, but was later released. He subsequently became a convert and an important supporter of islam. He joined Mohammed in his march on Mecca in 630, and participated in the Battle of Hunayn shortly afterward. At Hunayn he is said to have turned the tide in favor of the Muslim forces by shouting loudly at a crucial moment. Abbas later settled in Medina, where he died in 653.

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