Who Is Aelbert Cuyp?


Who is Aelbert Cuyp? Information on the painter Aelbert Cuyp biography, life story, works and paintings.

Aelbert-CuypAelbert Cuyp; (1620-1691), Dutch artist, who was one of the leading landscape painters of the 17th century. Details of his life are scanty. He was born in Dordrecht, where he was baptized on Oct. 20, 1620. His father, the portrait painter Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp (1594?-?1651), was probably his first teacher, and he may have studied later with Jan van Goyen. Cuyp is known to have been successful and well-to-do. He married a wealthy widow, Cornelia Bosman, in 1658, and he held some civic offices in Dordrecht, where he was buried on Dec. 15, 1691.

Cuyp’s style matured about 1645, and he apparently stopped painting about 1675. His typical works are pastoral scenes of the Dordrecht countryside, with well-drawn, carefully modeled farm animals, often partly hidden by sharply delineated vegetation. Occasionally his paintings include human figures, often portraits, on horse-back. The warm amber summer light that fills his landscapes, the harmonious, placid forms, and the lack of any hint of movement suggest a classical influence that Cuyp may have absorbed from the works of Jan Both, who studied under Claude Lorrain. (Cuyp has been called the “Dutch Lorrain.”) After Cuyp’s death, his works were widely collected in England and strongly influenced 18th century English landscapists and, through them, the French Barbizon artists.


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