Who is Curt Sachs


Curt SACHS (1881 – 1959), German musicologist. He was born in Berlin on June 29, 1881. Sachs studied music history and art history at the University of Berlin, earning a Ph. D. in 1904. Later he studied musicology with Hermann Kretzschmar and Johannes Wolf. In 1919, Sachs became curator of the Berlin State Museum of Musical Instruments and in 1920, professor at the National Academy of Music. He also taught at the University of Berlin.

After the Nazis came to power in 1933, Sachs left Germany, going first to Paris and then to New York, where he settled in 1937. He taught at New York University and at Columbia. Sachs was a consultant to tlıe New York Public Library (19371952) and headed tlıe American Muslcological Society (19481950). His major works include The History of Musical Instruments (1940), Our Musical Heritage (1948), and Rhythm and Tempo (1953). He died in New York City on Feb. 5, 1959.

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