Who is Enrico Caviglia


Enrico Caviglia (1862-1945), Italian field marshal, who held major commands in both world wars. He was born in Finalmarina, Liguria, on May 4, 1862. He was educated at the Turin military academy and took part in Italian colonial campaigns. In World War I, Caviglia commanded the 24th Corps, which broke the Austrian lines on the Bansizza plateau (1917), and later led the 8th Army, which played a prominent role in the final Italian victory at Vittorio Veneto (1918).

After the war he led the troops that expelled Gabriele dAnnunzio’s army of adventurers from the free state of Fiume (1920). He was promoted field marshal in 1926. In World War II, Caviglia took command of Rome after Italy’s capitulation to the Allies (1943) and helped negotiate the city’s surrender to the Germans. He died in Finalmarina on March 22, 1945.

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