Who is Frank Johnson Goodnow


Frank Johnson Goodnow
Frank Johnson Goodnow (1859-1939), American political scientist, who established public administration as an integral part of the discipline of political science. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., on Jan. 18, 1859, he was educated at Amherst College and Columbia University and in Paris and Berlin. He taught at Columbia from 1883 until he became president of Johns Hopkins University in 1914. A founder of the American Political Science Association, he was its first president in 1903. Frank Johnson Goodnow left Johns Hopkins in 1929. He died in Baltimore on Nov. 15, 1939.

In his most important book, Politics and Administration (1900), Frank Johnson Goodnow argued that government performs two basic functions: the formulation of policy (politics) and the execution of policy (administration). His other works include Principles of the Administrative Law of the United States (1905).

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