Who is Nelly Sachs


Nelly Sachs

Nelly SACHS (1891-1970), German-Swedish poet, whose deeply moving verse, full of dramatic symbolism and poignant imagery, powerfully delineates the ageold theme of the suifering of the Jewish people. She shared the Nobel Prize in literatüre in 1966 with the Israeli author Shmuel Agnon.

Nellie Sachs was born in Berlin on Dec. 10, 1891. She began writing poems and playlets as a young girl, but her youthful efforts attracted little critical notice. After reading the novel Gosta Berling by Selma Lagerlof, she began to correspond with the Swedish author, who helped Miss Sachs and her mother escape from Nazi Germany to Sweden in 1940. Miss Sachs learned Swedish and earned a living by translating Swedish literary works into German. Gradually she developed her unrhymed, strongly rhythmic style and a preoccupation with the theme of Jewish martyrdom. A selection of her work was translated into English and published as O the Chimneys (1967). She died in Stockholm, May 12, 1970.

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